Vitaklenz For Kids 80 Chewable Tablets


At Last: A Natural Worm Treatment for Children

Treating children for worms has always been difficult. Pharmaceuticals are effective for a few types of worms, however, unless the treatment is taken over a prolonged period (minimum 1 month), the eggs remain and later re-hatch.

Natural liquid preparations are very bitter and difficult to get young children to take.

Vitaklenz for Kidz is the answer. A combination of trusted herbs in a chewable tablet. Natural flavours and sweeteners compliment the powerful formula to create a product so palatable that kids will ask for more!


  • Works with the body`s natural defenses to eradicate worms
  • All natural herbal formula
  • Great tasting chewable tablets - kids love it!

Directions for Use

Vitaklenz for Kidz can be used over a period of 4-7 days to stimulate the body`s defenses to safely eliminate intestinal worms common to children and adults.

Best used continuously over a 30 day period to break lifecycle.


Wormwood herb, Black Walnut Green Hulls, St Mary’s Thistle, Olive Leaf, Pau D’Arco, Pumpkin Seed, Clove Powder, Thyme Leaf Powder. Contains Glucose.


Always read the label and use only as directed. If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional.