Just Jojoba Aust.

Just Jojoba Australia Pure Australian Jojoba Oil


Jojoba, pronounced ho-ho-ba, is a natural oil that is able to penetrate deep into your skin for extreme hydration. The reason the hydration is so effective is because the wax esters found in Jojoba are identical to the natural sebum produced by our skin. Without getting to technical our skin is made up of sebum which help our skin stay healthy and hydrated through locking in moisture. Like many things in life, as we age, the production of sebum decreases causing dry skin and wrinkles. Using the natural oil from the Jojoba plant that makes up Just Jojoba oil allows hydration at a deeper level. Making Just Jojoba oil great natural way to reduce fine lines and hydrate skin.


  • Just Jojoba oil is a pure luxurious liquid wax ester released from the beans of the female jojoba shrub when they are cold pressed.
  • Naturally silky, odourless, non-allergic liquid mixes completely and rapidly with our natural sebum and follows its pathways deep into the skin.
  • Australian grown and produced so you can rest assure you’re getting a quality product.


100% Pure Australian Jojoba Oil.