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SFI Health Flordis Ginsana 60c


Enhance immunity, support stamina, and relieve tiredness. 

Ginsana contains an exclusive natural active ingredient that’s been clinically researched to promote immune system function and help support endurance and physical performance. Ginsana helps the body adapt to times of increased stress and demand to support vitality and recovery.

In Ginsana, we take care to use a specific standardised extract of Panax ginseng referred to as G115®, which is produced using a validated extraction process. This specific formula is the result of over 40 years of research.

Ginsana has been shown to:

  • Strengthen and support the immune system: Enhances immunity and helps stimulate a healthy immune system response.
  • Support energy levels & relieve fatigue from exertion: Maintains energy levels and optimise energy utilisation to help reduce tiredness.
  • Support physical performance: Supports endurance and recovery after periods of increased physical demand.

Directions for Use

  • Adults: take 2 capsules daily with breakfast or 1 capsule with breakfast and 1 capsule with lunch.

For best results, take Ginsana for4 weeks minimum.2


Each capsule of Ginsana contains a specific extract of Panax ginseng (G115®) 100 mg equiv. to dry root 212.5 mg

Ginsana contains a small amount of lactose (55.5 mg), and no added gluten, wheat, soy, yeast, egg, salt, artificial flavourings, colours, or preservatives. Ginsana capsules do not contain any caffeine or stimulants. Ginsana capsules contain a small amount of mannitol. Ginsana contains gelatin of bovine origin.


Always read the label. This medicine may not be right for you; read the warnings before purchase. Follow the directions before use. If symptoms persist, talk to your health professional.

Some medicines and Ginsana may interfere with each other. These include blood thinning medications such as anticoagulants. If you are going to have surgery or dental procedures, tell your healthcare professional you have been taking Ginsana. It may increase the risk of bleeding and may affect other medicines used during surgery. It is recommended to stop Ginsana at least 2 weeks before surgery. However, it is important to discuss this with your healthcare professional, including your anaesthetist and surgeon. Tell your health professional if you have galactose intolerance (galactosaemia).