4 TIPS for your Kids to have the HEALTHIEST School Year yet!

4 TIPS for your Kids to have the HEALTHIEST School Year yet!

It’s the first week back to school and we have a number of tips to help set your kids up for the best year yet! Are you looking for new ways you can help nourish your child's health as they return to school?

With some of these easy swaps we have some great tips to help get you started the best way possible! What's better - not only do these help nurture your child but many of these also support the sustainability of Mother Earth... Because we 💚 love 💚 Gaia.

If you're looking for some more personalised nutrition support to help nurture your child's health, remember that we have in store naturopaths and nutritionists who love to give an abundance of knowledge and extra guidance on what supplements & products might support you best moving forward.

1. Choose a stainless steel or food grade Bento box for lunches 🍱 

Not only are these eco-friendly and sustainable for the planet, but they are also the perfect toxic free lunch box option that does not react with ingredients. We have a new range of Arigato Bento Boxes that have just launched in store that have 5 deep compartments and child friendly cutlery attached to the inside of the main lid. If you haven't purchased yours yet, check out what we have on our website otherwise head to our store for more options! 

2. Gift your child a stainless steel water bottle! 💧

If you're struggling to keep your child hydrated throughout the day, or prefer them to stay away from plastic bottles and cups at school, it might be an option to purchase their very own favourite water bottle that encourages them to remember to keep their water levels up through the day. Ensuring proper hydrations helps improve mood, memory and attention in children!

3. Choose some of our healthy snack options to bring to school 🥕

We have plenty of healthy and protein rich snack options that will keep your child properly nourished and energised throughout the day. Just like adults, helping to keep their blood sugar stable throughout the day and support their nutrient levels can help encourage greater well-being and mood! Whether it is some healthy packaged goods or mixed nuts with dried fruit, there is something here for everyone! 

4. Consider a specialised multi-vitamin for an immune boost 🌿

If it's too much of a struggle to eat their daily vegetables, you might want to consider incorperating a multi-vitamin or herbal mix to make sure they are reaching their daily intake of nutrients! Ensuring optimal nutrition from a young age has been shown to have preventative effects for a range of disorders later through life, so this is prime time to support their vitamin & mineral uptake! What's more - boosting their immune system is a great way to help prevent them from catching those pesky colds from the rest of the class. We love this one because it is made of an abundance of fresh raw plants! Feel free to visit our store to enquire about the best options for your child.